Wooden Nature - Set of 5 Mushrooms

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This set of 5 Wood Mushrooms are Inspired by nature. They are left open ended and with little details to allow your child's imagination to flourish. They could be mushrooms, trees, houses, hammers, the possibilities of your child's imagination are endless.

Each set includes:

- 5 Mushrooms in varying sizes. The smallest mushroom is 1.25" Tall and the Largest is 3.75" Tall
-1 5x7 Drawstring Bag. Perfect for easy storage and on the go play.

◾The paint used is certified non-toxic water based paint and is finished in a natural beeswax oil
◾Once items have been played with and are being knocked over, some colour transfer may occur. To clean scuffs and dirt please wash with a damp cloth with water only.
◾Not recommended for children under 3 or who are still exploring with their mouths as some small parts may be a choking hazard

All items are hand painted and burned with small variations and imperfections. These little details make your item truly one of a kind.

Please do not leave your child unattended with toy, and check regularly for normal wear and tear. While the paint is non-toxic and water based it is not food grade so it is recommended for children who are no longer exploring with their mouth. Meant for children 3+

Once the toys have left our hands, the purchaser accepts full responsibility & liability for all WhiskeyRose toy.