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UNLimited WORTH: Lessons of Healing from Childhood Trauma; Finding Happiness, Love and Success for Male Leaders.

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Men suffer silently w/hidden secrets of childhood trauma. Mike urges readers to break their silence, seek professional help, resolve their traumas, heal their pain & realize their UNLimited WORTH. The reader bears witness to 2 events that limited Mike's potential & defined his life. The day suicide became a viable option & the sexual abuse 40 years earlier that eroded his self-worth & limited his life until treatment.

Once the secret is revealed & treatment has been experienced, the universe opens up. Few words can describe this miracle. Mike attempts to share the instantaneous shift of energy & connection with others never felt before. When a traumatized child, now a man, is healed, great things happen. Their lives they have been defined by their need to be good men & feel loved. Healed, they understand they have UNLimited WORTH.