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There's A Ghost in This House - Book + Activity Kit

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We're excited to have snagged a couple of these rad activity kits by Ignited Play here in Squamish! 


Have you ever seen a ghost? Neither has the narrator of this charming story, who takes you on a delightful journey through her Victorian-styled house while she tries to look for them. A mix of paper and transparent pages offers engaging surprises at every turn as you and your child join in the hunt and discover all the ghosts hiding in various places. Along the way you can all ponder why it is that you can see the ghosts, but the narrator can't.

But what does a ghost even look like?

We've put together an inspiring activity kit that will captivate kids of all ages as they create projects to answer this pivotal question of the story.

The best part is we've done all the heavy thinking on this, and provided you with over 10 open-ended activities and all of the supplies you need (except scissors because this varies depending on skill and age and risk management).

So what's included? Inside your box you will receive:

  • A hardcover copy of There's A Ghost In This House by Oliver Jeffers
  • A maple ten frame
  • A maple ghost
  • An oak peg doll
  • White natural wool hand crafted felt balls
  • Cotton swatches
  • A neutral-coloured canvas-cotton blend apron with velcro closure on the neck
  • Bamboo paint brushes
  • Paint (non-toxic acrylic)
  • Paper straw
  • Wooden clothes peg
  • Tracing paper
  • Sheets of black and white paper
  • A haunted house image
  • Cotton strings and cotton cord
  • Organic cotton bags for supply storage
  • Directions for 10+ suggested activities

With all of those materials, you can mix and match your creating and playing by either using the felt balls as representations in the ten frame to count the ghosts on each page, or to make the ghost garland. Or you can trace the wooden ghost in a variety of painting and drawing activities that explore the concept of invert art (white ghosts on black or black ghosts on white), and then decide for yourselves what ghosts look like as you paint the wooden ghost.

Of course, buried within each activity is a connection to the book and a developmental skill to (secretly) practice. Whether it's counting, finger pinch strengthening for writing, tying knots, cutting, tracing, or painting, your child will never realize they are learning.

But the most important benefit of all?

Slowing down. Being mindful. Creating with intention. Spending time with you. (Ok, that's more than one.)

Oh, and reading. Did you know that 6 additional minutes of reading per day can significantly improve kids' reading performance? And that children who read at least 20 minutes a day are exposed to almost 2 million words per year?

True story. (Story - get it? Ha.)