Laurence Beaudoin-Masse

Suck It in and Smile

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A funny, touching look at the life of a social media influencer who starts to question the #goals life she has created for herself.

Every day, Ellie motivates her hundreds of thousands of followers to become the best versions of themselves by posting videos of exercise routines and high-protein breakfast recipes. Far from the shy teenager that she was, she is now in a very public relationship with singer Samuel Vanasse, and together they have become one of the most popular influencer couples in the country. She has succeeded. She shines.

And yet, Ellie worries that her life is not as flawless as she makes it seem on YouTube and Instagram. Between her obsession with the "ideal weight," her growing attraction to another man, her family's disdain for her career as a content creator and a collaboration with another influencer who Ellie can't stand, a thought haunts her. What if, by trying to become everything she wanted to be, she's lost herself along the way? 

Suck It in and Smile is an intimate exploration of our obsession with appearances and the hypocrisies that appear when you must craft the perfect online life.

LAURENCE BEAUDOIN-MASSE has written two novels: Suck It in and Smile (originally published as Rentrer son ventre et sourire) and its sequel. She is a concept editor for Radio-Canada. Laurence would like to help girls who, like her, never feel like they measure up. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.

SHELLEY TANAKA is an award-winning author, translator and editor who has written and translated more than thirty books for children and young adults. She teaches at Vermont College of Fine Arts in the MFA Program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Shelley lives in Kingston, Ontario.