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Strategic Series Author: Plan, write and publish a series to maximize readership & income

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Writing series can be a great way to level up your author career, create a more stable writing income, and create a devoted fanbase. It's also challenging, and can be overwhelming if you're not prepared. Series authors need to consider many things that standalone title authors don't have to worry about. And everything is exponentially more complex once you're tackling more than one book! You might be wondering:

  • What kind of series should I write?
  • Which details do I need to keep track of?
  • How much advance planning should I do?
  • Is publishing strategy different for a series vs standalone titles?
  • How can I get the most bang for my buck in marketing and promotion?

Experienced series author Crystal Hunt will help you answer all these questions and more with this combination strategy manual and exercises that will get you applying what you've learned to your own series project.

Whether you're a seasoned series author, or just starting to explore your options and thinking a series might be a good next step for you, this book can help you write and publish your series smarter from ideas through publication and promotion!