Bonita Forsyth (CA)

Snowboarding Bunny's Mountain Adventure

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Daring, frisky Sunny, the Snowboarding Bunny, and his friend Jonathan go off in search of higher mountains, steeper slopes and deeper powder snow in the Canadian back country. What they encounter is far more than they expected!

Woven into this rhyming story with its bold, dramatic illustrations of Canadian winter landscapes and vibrant northern lights arc the many safety considerations involved in planning a mountain adventure in the heart of winter.

This book has been edited in detail by Evan Manners of the Canadian Avalanche Association for its safety content. It has become a useful tool in classrooms when studying snow safety.

Author’s note:
You will notice the characters in this book right down to the little white mouse, Nibbles, a signature character of the Huckleberry Hollow Books that hides throughout the illustrations, is wearing a safety helmet in this book. You will also notice a barely visible face appearing in the mist. She represents the spirit of “good luck” that is with these daring characters on their back country adventure.
In the young adult novels, “Ice”, “Fire”, and “Air” readers can find out more about this mysterious spirit, where she came from, and why she is here.