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Sensory Bottle - Forage

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These calming sensory bottles are a brilliant toy for all age groups. Inspired by the beauty of Canadian nature, these mesmerizing bottles are soothing and deeply relaxing for children while also developing their attention and motor skills.

The Forage bottle was inspired by the crunching footsteps on a forest hike. Your littles will enjoy the sound of the materials rolling inside the bottle. Try to spy a mini bunny as you note the interesting shaped mushrooms and tiny acorns. As your child focuses on the objects within the bottle, you encourage their selective attention.

The motion can also promote calm and relaxed energy – ideal in times of anxiety, tension, and anger. Sensory bottles encourage development of your child’s: Attention span & focus Motor skills Curiosity

Each PET-free bottle is topped with a handmade hardwood cap, and finished with food grade beeswax. The bottles are great for babies right on up to grade school kids. Adult supervision required.

Made in Canada