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Rainbow Hand Kite

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Run, play, dance, imagine, and laugh. Is there anything better than a kite fluttering in the wind or ribbons swooping and twirling through the air?

This hand kite flutters as it is held high while running, streamlines into a vibrant blend of the rainbow when twirled, or flaps when jumping, dancing or hopping. Either way, its array of colour sparks the imagination as it urges movement - perhaps with rhythm, perhaps without.

Is it a colourful fish darting through seaweed in the vast ocean? An exotic peacock hopping from branch to branch? A westwind bringing in the change of seasons?

That's the beauty of the imagination; it's all up to you.


The hand kite is made up of 7 colourful ribbons (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, lavender) tied to a ring. The ribbons are 4 feet long and just under 2 feet each when tied. Each ribbon is heat sealed to prevent fraying.
Choose between a 2 1/2" inch ring for smaller, toddler-sized hands (and a thicker band) or a standard 2 3/4" inch ring for regular child-sized hands. The ring has been finished with organic beeswax and oils.

**Please note this is not to be used as a teether or to be submerged in water. Parental supervision is recommended.**

Materials: wood, ribbons