Ashley McIntosh (North Van)

The Girl and The Sun

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Follow along with a spirited girl as she dances in the beauty of the world…until she notices a cloud floating above her head. The girl tries everything to get rid of the cloud but it won’t go away. It’s only when she looks outside of herself to help a boy struggling with his own cloud that she learns the only way to shrink a cloud is to grow her sun.

The Girl and The Sun is an endearing picture book that uses beautiful imagery and metaphor to teach a simple but meaningful message: What you give to the world, you get back.

Praised for her “captivating” workshops about “crucial information in life”, Ashley McIntosh has written a book that helps parents create a loving home environment by teaching kindness, honesty, and respect using playful, easy-to-understand metaphors, and bright, colourful illustrations.

The Girl and The Sun provides 3 simple metaphors - a sun, cloud, and rainbow - to help adults communicate with children about their emotions, thoughts, and hearts.

It's a book about self-awareness, kindness, respect to self and others, emotional health, mindfulness, and heart-centred decision making.


“I believe so strongly in Ashley’s book and workshop. Our kids need it all day, every day. I will continue to use the sun and cloud in our interactions. We love Ashley!” - Andrea, teacher and parent

“My little guy was having a hard time today with an activity and had a “black cloud moment”. He was then able to turn it around by bringing out the sun in his heart. Clearly Ashley has created imagery that the kids relate to.” - Leona, parent

“Ashley’s workshop and book gave me useful language to use with my students! At home, my family and I have the picture of our cloud, sun and rainbow posted on the wall as a reminder.” - Nicole, teacher and parent

“My students now independently use the sun and cloud metaphors to deal with their conflicts in more calm and respectful ways.” - Chelsea, teacher