Graham Eisner

Just Ask!

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‘A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising' – Mark Zuckerberg The fastest, easiest, most sustainable way to bring in new clients and grow sales is to ask for referrals from existing clients. And yet most sales people don’t ask, or if they do, they end up making themselves and their client feel awkward. Graham Eisner has spent 30 years understanding the mindset and methods behind asking for referrals. His seven-step method helps sales professionals understand their own reluctance, change their mindset, and apply practical techniques to achieve a more beautiful ask, one that’s both unforced and effective. From preparation before the meeting and identifying the ‘bridge line’ to qualifying the referral and managing the response, each step is supported by worksheets and summaries to help you put the principles into action today, so that you can start growing your sales and your business immediately. Graham became one of Goldman Sachs’s most successful sales professionals by developing a powerful referrals methodology, and he now teaches his system to clients worldwide, including Barclays, Capita and Deutsche Bank as well as smaller businesses.