Kelly Snider

Your Story Your Strength: Discover Healing From Tragedy, Reveal Resilience and Leave a Lasting Legacy

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Smoke rose from the home in the pre-dawn light. A kind stranger stopped his car and ran to the house, sending his daughter to wake the neighbours and call the fire department. From inside, he could hear the screams of a child.

This day began the author's journey towards discovering the incredible power of story. Power to not only understand the events of her life, but also to see patterns, find healing, foster better relationships, and to discover her strengths and even her purpose. And this undeniable, awe-inspiring, life-changing power lies within EVERY story. Including yours.

No matter who you are or what you've been through, there's a lesson, a gift, in your story. In these pages you can find that healing, that lesson or gift, and then discover your own way to share that story with the world to encourage healing in others. Take this journey and free yourself to embrace your purpose and all you were created to be.

That is the power of your story.

Kelly Snider, Bestselling Author and Story Curator, thoughtfully collects and preserves stories through creating events, writing books, interviewing guests on her podcast and facilitating life changing story workshops. She is an expert at extracting stories and identifying value and strength within the narrative. As an acclaimed event producer, she highlights her clients’ individual stories, needs and goals. Since the 1990s, Kelly’s story-focused events have raised over 12 million dollars net for charities around the world. Kelly brings her mission of supporting and inspiring others to life through sharing the stories that connect us all. Through her platforms, The Power of Story Conference 2017, Epic Exchanges Podcast and the Epic Exchanges collaborative anthologies, she helps people to find the true gifts within their stories in order to share, inspire and transform lives. Kelly thrives in finding the ways to connect people; whether it is charity, food and wine, or simply an engaged conversation, she is able to see the possibilities that are often overlooked in both business and personal interactions. Kelly’s generosity in sharing her stories of overcoming has emboldened thousands to find the freedom and the strength to share their own.