Craig Jennex (CA)

Out North

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The ArQuives,&nbspthe largest&nbspindependent&nbspLGBTQ2+ archive&nbspin the world, is dedicated to&nbspcollecting, preserving, and&nbspcelebrating the stories and&nbsphistories of&nbspLGBTQ2+ people in&nbspCanada. Since 1973, volunteers&nbsphave amassed a vast collection&nbspof important artifacts that&nbspspeak to personal experiences&nbspand &nbspsignificant historical&nbspmoments for Canadian queer&nbspcommunities.&nbspOut North: An&nbspArchive of Queer Activism&nbspand Kinship in Canada&nbspis a&nbspfascinating exploration and&nbspexamination of one nation's&nbspqueer history and activism,&nbspand&nbspCanada's definitive visual guide to&nbspLGBTQ2+ movements,&nbspstruggles, and achievements.