Heather Conn

No Letter in Your Pocket

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Incest denial and sexual assaults disrupt a young woman’s solo spiritual quest and her two romantic adventures in India in 1990-91. Two decades later, after profound healing, she’s resilient at mid-life. Finding the love and intimacy she craves, she can, at last, forgive her dying father—and her mom, for her decades of silence. Unlike many stories of healing and spiritual discovery, No Letter in Your Pocket avoids predictable recovery rhetoric and insular victimhood. Instead, it is a testament to thriving empowerment.

Heather Conn is the author of five books: adult nonfiction and children’s fiction. Her writing has appeared in anthologies and more than 50 publications. She coaches writers in multiple genres and has taught at secondary and post-secondary venues. A freelance writer/editor, she has an MFA in creative nonfiction from Goucher College, Baltimore.