Marc ter Horst

Palm Trees at the North Pole

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“This book goes into great detail about all different aspects of climate change ... [with] lovely illustrations worked in, around, and behind the text!”—The Tiny Activist

Finally, the ultimate book about climate change for kids ages 8-12! 

Through awesome facts and detailed, colorful illustrations, Palm Trees at the North Pole shares the science and history of climate change in an accessible and entertaining way. 

  • Perfect for home-schooling, virtual and blended learning 
  • Helps kids understand why and how climate change is happening, and what we can do about it
  • Encourages young climate activists to engage even more deeply with their chosen cause 

This approachable and creative guide features information grounded in science and fact, such as: 

  • The history of the climate and humans’ role in changing it 
  • Brave scientists and young activists like Greta Thunberg
  • The real consequences of climate change, such as rising tides, heat waves, and hurricanes, presented in a non-frightening way 
  • Actions kids can take to help combat climate change in their own communities 

After reading this book, kids will become experts on the most important issue facing our world today, and feel like part of the solution!