Bobbi Hunter (CA)

Mr. Mindbomb

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A collection of personal essays detailing the life and achievements of a renowned environmental hero and activist.

Mr. Mindbomb is a chronology of the significant events of Bob Hunter’s life, written chapter by chapter by those who knew him. Where one contributor leaves off, the next picks up, moving the reader through another moment in time, sharing some new insight. This is the real life and legacy of Bob Hunter: Canadian eco-hero, author of 14 books, winner of a Governor General’s Award, popular journalist, and recipient of a magical salute of gratitude from a pod of whales.

Part adventure thriller, part comedy, part documentary, and part provocation for individuals to stand up for the environment, it’s a rare look through the lens and perspective of those touched by Bob’s influence. By finding kindred spirits in the voices of each of the contributors, many of whom continue the work, it’s a powerful reminder that things don’t happen in a vacuum. Fifteen years after Bob’s much-too-early passing, Mr. Mindbomb is a reminder that any one person, fuelled by commitment and love, can find others who feel the same, and together they can do extraordinarily heroic deeds for the well-being of all.

Contributors include: Cathy Anderson, Aline Barber, David Berner, Jim Deacove, Marlayna Demco, Patricia Demco, Janine Ferretti, Bill Gannon, Douglas Gibson, Bobbi Hunter, Darren Hunter, Donald Hunter, Emily Hunter, Justine Hunter, Will Hunter, Stephen Hurlbut, Teri Innes, Ryan Jackson, Lea Ann Mallett, Marnie Marchant, Rod Marining, Sandy Maskell, Elizabeth May, Joyce Mclean, Peter O'Brian, Chris Pash, Walt Patterson, Ronald Precious, Jim Robb, Jerry Rothwell, Paul Ruzycki, Stephen Scharper, Steve Shallhorn, Todd Southgate, Peter Speck, Paul Spong, Carlie Trueman, Captain Paul Watson, Linda Weinberg, Rex Weyler, Hap Wilson, Dinah Yvonne, and Moses Znaimer.