Christy Monson

Stand Up to Sexting

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Sexting-the texting of nude or sexually suggestive images to another person-has become so commonplace that nearly 1 in 4 teens admits to being a participant. The problem is, sexting destroys self-esteem, undermines healthy relationships, leads to depression and self-harm, and can even result to run-ins with the law. It's no wonder that parents recently put sexting among their top-3 parenting concerns-but what's a parent to do?

Stand Up to Sexting is the essential guidebook for parents and tweens to having an open, relaxed conversation about the dangers of sexting. Written in miniature chapters, the book includes friendly illustrations, Q&A prompts for easy conversations, and tools for staying safe. Designed for tweens ages 10-13, the book is the perfect preemptive tool for preparing your kids before their teen years strike. Chapter topics include:

  • What is Sexting?
  • Sexting and the Brain
  • Your Digital Footprints
  • What to Do if You Feel Pressured to Sext
  • Boyfriends and Girlfriends
  • How to Avoid Being a Victim of a Sexting Bully
  • Staying Safe from Predators
  • Using the Internet for Good
  • and much more!