Mary Karapetian Alvord

The Action Mindset Workbook for Teens

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Do you feel like you’ve been living life on the sidelines? This one-of-a-kind workbook will help you take action and get back in the game!

When you think about the future, are you consumed by fear and self-doubt? Do you feel stuck in your life? Does your inability to move forward cause increased anxiety, sadness, or insecurity? It’s easy to avoid or withdraw from the situations that make you anxious or worried—it can feel safer at the time—but the fact is, until you find a way to confront discomfort head on and take action anyway, you’ll remain stuck in a cycle of disappointment and frustration. So, how can you break free, get unstuck, and fully embrace life?

From the authors of Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens—which focuses on managing negative thinking habits—comes this unique resource for teens who struggle with taking action. Packed with simple and easy-to-apply skills drawn from cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), this workbook will help you cultivate an action mindset, reduce worry, and take the steps needed to solve problems—rather than avoid them. You’ll also discover the keys to quieting that inner “voice of doom,” giving up the need for perfection, and managing the difficult emotions that can come with living a life on hold.

With this empowering guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Figure out what’s holding you back in life
  • Move past negative thinking habits
  • Cultivate a “go out and get it” mindset
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Take small “action steps” to move toward your goals

Even the smallest behavior change can make a huge difference. If you’re finally ready to face your fears, the skills you’ll learn in this friendly how-to will empower you to take action and get back in the game of life!

In these increasingly challenging times, kids and teens need mental health resources more than ever. With more than 1.6 million copies sold worldwide, Instant Help Books are easy to use, proven-effective, and recommended by therapists.