Valerie Coulman

Dragons on the Inside (And Other Big Feelings)

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Imaginative picture book helps children recognize their inner feelings and discover ways to regulate big emotions.

Inner feelings aren’t always visible on the outside. Dragons on the Inside (And Other Big Feelings) validates young children’s emotions and helps them recognize, describe, and cope when they are anxious or overwhelmed on the inside.
Dragons stomp and breathe fire, roller coasters swoop and swirl, and bats stare from a dark, damp cave. These imaginative descriptions offer children multiple ways for describing their emotion and help them build an inner feelings vocabulary, which boosts emotional intelligence. For children who struggle to recognize their emotions, including some kids with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, or other processing disorders, it can be especially useful to see another child work through their inner battles and how people “on the outside” can help ease stressful situations.
Throughout the book, readers see the main character’s initial inner reaction to a stressful situation and how it is diffused or diminished through a small act of connection by someone “on the outside.” A section for adults provides additional activities to use with children to reinforce the book’s message.