Tom Percival


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Isabelle est une petite fille à l’esprit jovial et positif. Mais lorsque sa famille éprouve des difficultés financières et est contrainte de déménager à l’autre bout de la ville, Isabelle se sent seule et démunie. Isabelle saura-t-elle retrouver la joie de vivre malgré la grisaille qui l’entoure? Parviendra-t-elle à trouver sa place dans ce nouvel environnement peu familier?

Dans cet album touchant, accompagné de magnifiques illustrations, Tom Percival nous montre que même si nous n’y croyons pas toujours, nous avons tous une place dans le monde. Grâce à l’entraide et à la volonté, chacun d’entre nous peut faire une différence!

Isabel is a little girl who notices beautiful things. But she also can’t help but notice when it’s cold, really cold, or when her parents can’t afford to buy the things they need. One day, her family can’t afford to stay in their home and must move to the other side of the city. Isabel finds herself, sad, and lonely, but more importantly, feeling like she doesn’t belong. For the first time ever, she can’t find anything beautiful to cheer her up. Will this young girl be able to find what she’s looking for, or will she have to create it herself?

In his touching picture book inspired by his personal childhood experiences, Tom Percival shows us that even when we don’t believe it, we do belong in this world. We all belong here.

Invisible teaches that happiness can be found everywhere, even in difficult situations. Tom Percival himself experienced poverty and through his wonderful book he teaches young people to be kind, and not judge people by social class differences.

Original title: The Invisible