LITTLE BOOKSHOP: Big Ideas for Small Humans

LITTLE BOOKSHOP: Big Ideas for Small Humans

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Welcome to Little Bookshop Articles!

Our first-ever post hopes to find us on the same page (bookish pun intended) about why we're all here. While Little Bookshop aims to have something for everyone; there are a few core values that you'll see shining through in what we do...

1. Big ideas for small humans: Little Bookshop doesn't shy away from tough conversations. In fact, we're here to help spark discussions about big topics with the kids in your life. Puberty, divorce, gender, love, mental health, racism, privilege, environment, body image, power and beyond - we have books set to open minds of all ages.

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy   I have a right bookFamily BookSex is a funny word book

2. Amplifying underrepresented voices: We pride ourselves in stocking an array of diverse authors and illustrators. We love the sentiment that books can be both mirrors and windows - their pages allowing kids to see themselves (and others) represented in ways that life may not otherwise offer.

The Proudest Blue  We All Play  Seeing Gender BookEyes that kiss in the corners book

3. Acceptance: Self-love and empathy are building blocks for a more tolerant, inclusive world. We hope to help empower a whole community of future leaders to better understand themselves and each other!

 Bodies are Cool A Kids Book About EmpathyMagical Yet

4. Unique and beautiful kid-lit:  We're populating our tiny mobile space with a curated collection of books that may otherwise be overlooked in a sea of literary choices. And while you may not always find that must-have title on our shelves, we'll happily order in anything you need! 

Fairies BookWallpaper Boy Mole Drawn

5. Community: We LOVE this community and you'll see a few reasons why when you visit our Sea to Sky Creators Collection! We feel lucky to partner with local businesses and to give 5% of profits back to Squamish in the form of books. And we're proud that the majority of our titles come from Canadian Authors, Illustrators or Publishers!

A girl and the sun  Are You Seeing Me?  On the Spectrum  Go Show the World

Also, Dragons: Yep. Dragons (and other kid-friendly fun). Literacy is a powerful tool and we want all small humans to find books that will foster their love of reading. So, whether you are seeking dragons or to diversify your bookshelf - we can help (sometimes simultaneously)! 

Dragon Warrior Tea Dragon SocietyDragon's Fire BookPrince and knight

SHOP UPDATE: We are sad to report that it's looking like it will be August before we'll be able to hit the streets. We promise to let you know as soon as we are up and running! Until then, you'll find us online with quick pick-up turnaround times. 

Happy reading!

Love, Little Bookshop 

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